Our Story

TiltShift opened its doors in 2017 under the Team One Agency / Publicis Groupe umbrella. Seeking a new route and a new vision for TiltShift, in 2019 the studio and Team One shifted their direction, and Studio Director Felix E. Urquiza joined the team. With his extensive career and knowledge in VFX, Felix’s leadership style and vision proved the perfect fit.

Felix quickly began to work. The vision was simple: create and build the best-in-class VFX / CG house inside Publicis Groupe’s umbrella. The idea was to outline a service that can support a premium agency’s creative needs. With the Publicis Groupe’s roster of agencies such as Team One, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Digitas, and Starcom, it was clear that TiltShift had a major opportunity to service these clients.

In 2021 TiltShift was placed directly inside Publicis Productions to service all agencies inside the Groupe. TiltShift’s focus revolves around Automotive, Animation, and VFX. The benefit is that TiltShift can service the internal agencies as well as agencies outside of Publicis to support high-end, premium creative solutions.

Today TiltShift is growing at a rapid speed. Since TiltShift’s rebirth in 2019, the team has grown to 48 employees-strong, located everywhere from the US, to the UK, Latin America, and more. TiltShift plans to grow 18% more by the end of 2023. Thus far, TiltShift has serviced agencies such as Leo Burnett, Team One, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Digitas. Working on brands like Lexus, Toyota, GM, Kelloggs, P&G, and Cricket Wireless, TiltShift continues to grow, establish its creative presence, and hire top talent from around the world.

“Our goal is to bring a high-impact establishment to the Publicis Groupe. As I’ve been part of the entertainment industry for 20 years and worked at the top studios, what we have built here at TiltShift makes this studio quite unique; we service internal and external agencies. In addition, we truly believe in our culture, our talent, and our ability to build extremely personal relationships with our agency partners, which really sets us apart from everyone else.”

-Felix E. Urquiza, TiltShift’s Studio Director


Felix Urquiza

Studio Director / Creative Director

Shelby Wong

Head of Production

John Morrison

Engineer Director

Nicholas Golden

Innovations Director

Jesse Thorpe

CG Supervisor

Dustin Zachary

CG Supervisor

Henry Hoang

OEM Data Supervisor

Carlos Duque

CG Supervisor